5 Easy Steps on How to Play Sic Bo

5 Easy Steps on How to Play Sic Bo

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Sic Bo – a dice game which is gaining a lot of popularity today. It originated in China and played using three dices, a cup or bowl and a table layout where you can find all the betting options. Sic Bo is also known in other names such as Tai Sai or Hi-Lo. If you want to learn this game, here are 5 easy steps on how to play sic bo that can get you started in this casino game.

5 Easy Steps on How to Play Sic Bo

  1. Set Your Budget. Sic Bo may look like a simple game, but do not forget that is also a form of gambling. You should always play smart and make sure to manage your bankroll properly.
  2. Add Funds on you Accounts. Live all live casino games, you cannot play the game for free and sic bo is not an exception. Therefore, before you can play your accounts must have the right budget for playing. Usually it only costs MYR 1 (0.24 USD) to play each round which is really affordable.
  3. How to Place your Bets. Before you place bets in the tablet, you will choose how much you will bet. As mentioned above it can be as low as MYR 1. The table layout will show the odds of each betting option. You must place your wagers before the dealer presses the button for “No Bet” which indicates no more wagers will be accepted and the game will start.
  4. Wait for the Round to End. Sic Bo is played using three (3) dices encased in a glass bowl. This is activated by the dealer using a button, then the enclosure will shake the dices. Note that once the dealer press the button, you will no longer be able to place your wager. Wait for the dice to land it will show the results.
  5. Collect your Winnings. If the dice come up according to the bets or wagers that you’ve picked, the dealer will hand you your payments. You will also know if you won or not because the table will highlight the result of a round. Winnings are then automatically collected and the whole process stars over again.

Where to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo?

As mentioned earlier, sic bo is a very popular game today. You can easily find it almost at all online casinos today. However, the difference is that not all sic bo are the same. Depending on the software provider, you may see some additional side bet features and the required amount to play.

Here are some of the best Sic Bo providers in the industry today:

  • Dream Gaming – Sic Bo available for PC, Android and HTML5 play. Minimum bet of MYR 1 and have 12 live tables to choose from.
  • Big Gaming – Available in PC and major mobile devices. High definition camera that you can adjust. Minimum bet of MYR1.
  • Playtech Casino – Available on all devices, with more than 20 live tables and various types of games.


With these 5 easy steps on how to play sic bo, you’re now ready to enjoy this game. Simply choose a site that has those casino software providers and you’ll surely have the best experience.

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