Online Casino Fan Tan – Old but Still an Exciting Game

Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese game way back, with at least 2,000 years and later in the half of 19th century the game was introduced in US by the Chinese immigrants. In this Online Casino Fan Tan – Old but Still an Exciting Game we will know more about the game and how it is played.

Online Casino Fan Tan – Old but Still an Exciting Game

The game uses beads and before, they used beads that were made of bone or ivory in a large gambling dens. While when they are playing at home they used beans or even coins which are not very fancy since they are only playing at home. Fan Tan is still very popular internationally and is more played in East Asia. We will discuss more below about Online Casino Fan Tan – Old but Still an Exciting Game.

The Gameplay of Fan Tan

Fan Tan is very easy to play, it is a game where you will be going to guess if how many beads will be left out after grouping them into four. There are tables design with a box in the center and the betting area labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 where you will put your bets. First, the dealer or called “tan kun” will announce a new game and make the players to take their bets. The players will then put their bets on any of these numbers, after betting the dealer will terminate the betting then empties the 200 beads on the table which was covered with a metal bowl. The dealer will separate around 60-100 beads with a smaller cup and then remove the beads by grouping them into four with a bamboo stick until four or less than will be left out.  This will remarks the winning bet, if how many beads or bead was left out after removing beads.

The Bets in Fan Tan

Before, the game only offered the single number bet and the payoff was 3:1 with a healthy house edge of 25%. Wherein today, the casinos have been offering more choices for their players to choose from.

  • The one number bet > 1, 2, 3, or 4, either one of the numbers will be your winning bet which pays the odds of 3 is to 1, less a 5% commission that makes 3.75% house edge.
  • The two numbers bet > 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, or 3-4, this bet pays 1 is to 1, less the 5% commission which makes the 2.50% house edge.
  • The three numbers bet > 1-2-4, 1-3-4, 1-2-3, this bet pays 1 is to 3, less the 5% commission which makes the 1.25% house.

Other casinos have bets against any group of between two or three numbers that pays true odds of less 5% commission. A bet on either odd or even are possible in some casinos having the same 5% commission and an even-money or 1:1 payoff.


In the Online Casino Fan Tan – Old but Still an Exciting Game we have discussed the game Fan Tan and how it is being played even if it is an older game than the other casino games.

Easy Simple Strategies to Help You Win in an Online Baccarat

Everyone knows that Baccarat is also one of the most popular games in casinos aside from Blackjack and others. While Baccarat is also known as game of luck, there are strategies that can be used to increase your winning in the game. Easy Simple Strategies to Help You Win in an Online Baccarat will help you to be familiarize with that.

Easy Simple Strategies to Help You Win in an Online Baccarat

A list of Easy Simple Strategies to Help You Win in an Online Baccarat will be discussed in this article. Well, every game can be played well if luck is on your side but not every time you are in luck because luck is shared to others, maybe? Baccarat is a game where it is either the casino or you will win the game.

The Easy & Simple Strategies you should keep in Mind

Choosing the right online casino websitewhere you will play your game is also one of the things to consider. Not all online casino website offers the lowest house edge that the online casino Malaysia offers. With the lowest house edge being featured in a website, it gives advantage to the player since he will have higher cash winnings.

As you always read in other articles, never choose the tie bet because this bet is the worst possible strategy that you can bet, it is a total loss to you a super sad waste of money.

While tie bet being the worst bet in Baccarat, the banker bet is the best bet that a player should choose although it has a 5% commission. This is because they know that the good Baccarat players always give their bets to the banker.

As you bet on the banker, keep betting with it until it losses, the banker bet has the chance of giving you the winning streak. So, while you keep on winning just go on with it and with a loss, stop first your games since a streak doesn’t mean that it will continue to occur.

However, the player bet has also the equal chances of winning or losing if you are a high roller that’s why you should as well be very cautious.

This is a strategy used often by pro Baccarat players known to have huge risk since some casinos have lot limits if it is about the maximum wager amount. This takes by placing a start off bet on either the banker or the player after a run of eight in a row. If it happens that you lose, you will need to double the wagered amount, add one unit and bet against the run again. However, for this strategy to work you need to have funds for eight repeated losses and if 8 hits you will be in for the cash.

The Money Management

Where in all games money management is important here at online Baccarat also. If you have already won many times but want to leave as winner then put aside the half of your winnings and play with the other half. But if you lose it then it’s the time to step out and go home treat yourself with the best coffee shop around town.


Easy Simple Strategies to Help You Win in an Online Baccarat discussed the ways to win or at least have the advantage in playing online Baccarat. By following the things said here you are ready to play now.

The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips That Will Increase Your Winnings

They say poker can be quick to learn but hard to master, in a way that is really true just like other games not only poker. The starting point of the game will seem very easy but that doesn’t mean it will help you win consistently. That is why you should have knowledge about The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips That Will Increase Your Winnings. This article will not promise that you will always win, instead, it will help you with enhancing your gameplays.

The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips That Will Increase Your Winnings

So many players are struggling to win in poker games that’s why they turn to seek for strategies they find. However the strategies that you are looking for can be find with lots of gameplays after reading and applying The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips That Will Increase Your Winnings on your own. It is about mastering the game, you will just get your own strategies with playing continuously with different kinds of players.

Types of Different Plays

There are different kinds of players with their own styles of plays such as:

  • The tight type – you can say this player plays safe or a cautious one, does not take too many risks.
  • The loose type – contrary to being cautious, this player is very open to gamble since he is playing with a lot of hands.
  • The aggressive type – this player wants to pressure the other players by always betting or making big bets and even opening pots.
  • The Passive type – a player who is fonder of calling than betting and waiting for other players to bet and how the outcome is

The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips

  1. Do Not Play Too Many Hands But Play A Playable Hand

Remember that this game is hard to master that even professionals are avoiding playing too many hands. The best way especially for those beginners, is not by playing many hands but instead by the playable hands which you can play aggressively as if your hands are in a strong range.

  • Challenge Them With Your Semi-Bluff

Not always is it alright to bluff, you will depend what your cards are. You should think of bluffing when your hand has the probability to improve onwards since if your bluff fail, your hands will not lose and you can still stand on your bluff showing it is not a bluff. That is why this is called semi-bluff since you have your back up plan, being your hands have the ability to win itself.

  • During Hesitation, Fold Your Hand

It is natural for us to satisfy our curiosity that’s why even if you think your hand has no chance at all you want to know what would be your opponent’s cards. However, during hesitation, a player should strongly decide to fold since if you think your hand has no chance winning at all that is a wise decision. Another thing is one should minimize their calling since this may lead to a faster way to lose.

  • Play when you are in a good mood

For anything we do, having the good mood will have better results that’s why if you are planning to play poker make sure that it is when you are feeling good. Whether it only for fun games or you are a veteran player, it is one of the most important.

  • Choose To Play In Good Game

You should choose a game wherein you are the best or even when there are losers. But see to it that it isn’t you otherwise, it is smart to just fold and look for better games in Online Casino.


The 5 Important Poker Strategy Tips That Will Increase Your Winnings discussed some tips that are very important to remember. If you experience folding, it is wise to note down the details study your hand if you really did the right decision. Since looking back at your actions during every games helps you improve your skills and your knowledge in playing the game.

Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know

Online casino players are dramatically increasing due to the poker game made available online around 1990s. Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know since so many players it is one of the most popular casino games both at land-based casinos and online.

Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know

Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know
Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know

Poker game is also known to be a bluff game since it was originally came from the game called the bluffing game “Pochen”. However this game involves the player’s great skill and the way he will handle his game although having the good luck of course is an advantage. Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know will add additional discussions below.

The Winning Hand – Card Values

Every player should know and understand the values of the Poker cards and how to properly give bets to maximize their gameplay.

  1. The Royal Flush – highest possible hand example is a combination of a ten, jack, queen, king and ace with each of them have the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush –  consists of five cards of the same suit in sequence order
  3. Four of a Kind – just ranks below straight flush with any four numerically matching cards
  4. Full House – consists of three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank
  5. Flush – this consists of five cards of the same suit in any order
  6. Straight – consists of five cards in sequence but not all with the same suit.
  7. Three of a Kind – this contains three cards of the same rank with other two different ranks
  8. Two Pairs –   a pair of one rank and another pair of different rank with a card of any value or suit
  9. One Pair –   just one pair while the other are of three different cards
  10. High Card – contains different suit, no pairs and cards are not in order or not in sequence. This is the most common cards dealt to players.

The Poker Rules

Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know the must know rules.

Blinds – this is called “ante” or the initial contribution of the player’s chips into the pot. The player on the left side of the dealer is always the one to post the small blind while the next player is supposed to post the big blind.

Preflop – with the blinds are paid, the two players will receives two cards face down. The small blind will be dealt the first card while the remaining players are dealt clockwise. The player on the left of the big blind or called as “under the gun” (UTG) can match the bet (posting the same bet), raise (bet higher), or fold (reject the first bets w/o losing money.

Flop – with three community cards are dealt which is called “the flop” and the play continues with a round of betting.

Turn – when the round of betting on the flop is done, community cards will be dealt which is called “the turn”.

 River – After the last cards is dealt also known as “the river”.

Showdown – where the players will show their cads where the highest hand will win.


Poker is widely known to be one of the most played casino games both online and land-based. With its growing popularity in the gambling world, anyone who want to play this game should read Online Live Casino Poker – All you need to Know.

How to Play an Online Live Blackjack – The Basics

Blackjack is the most popular gambling game in a casino whether it is in Vegas or in an online live casino. This game is most well-played since this involves skills on how to beat the dealer and this makes it a thrilling game where you will also have fun in your plays. So, let know How to Play an Online Live Blackjack – The Basics.

How to Play an Online Live Blackjack – The Basics

As mentioned above, the main objective of this game is to beat the dealer and disregard the other players around you since there are only two hands competing. Let us know How to Play an Online Live Blackjack – The Basics.

To win in a Blackjack, a player should have a hand higher than the dealer or making the dealer lose their hand or go over 21 which is called busting. However, you will lose if your hand value goes over 21 or the dealer got a hand higher than yours.

The Value of the Cards

Remember the values of the cards in Blackjack:

Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – retains their own value.

The face cards such as J, Q, K – has the value of 10

And the Ace – can have the value 1 or 11 depending on what favors the player.

Blackjack Basic Rules

  • You’ve got a blackjack if your first two cards dealt to you was an Ace and a ten-value card.
  • All players first draws first 2 cards and one card of the dealer is faced down.
  • Blackjack mostly means you win 1.5 of the amount of what you bet but it depends on the casino since they have different rules.
  • The Dealer will hit and draws card 'til his card will have the total of 17 of higher.
  • Hit – the dealer will draw you more cards if you want to better your card.
  • Stand – When you are satisfied with your two cards and you don’t need another cards.
  • Double Down – When you have a hand that you think give you advantage but you need an additional card, you can double your bet.
  • Split – Sample of this is when you are dealt with 2 cards with the same value. You can split and can have two hands, you will have two hands one of each card of your initial two cards and the dealer will draw one card each.
  • Surrender – This option is also available, if you think your first two cards have no chance in the game you can choose to withdraw and only get half of your bet.
Play With the Basic Strategy

By remembering above rules, you have now the most basic strategy for a beginner in blackjack. You should remember when to hit, stand , split, or double down your hand, by doing this the house edge will lowered. You can also check a pro player’s basic strategy, like John Marchell says:

  1. Stand when your hand is 12-16 when the dealer has 2-6.
  2. Hit when your hand is 12-16 when the dealer has 7-Ace.
  3. Always split Aces and 8s.
  4. Double 11 versus the dealer’s 2-10.
  5. Hit or double Aces-6

All in all, blackjack is a game that involves skills to beat the dealer. For beginners, you must know How to Play an Online Live Blackjack – The Basics rules and strategies and to practice them first before jumping to more complicated strategy like counting cards which is mostly used by the pros.

5 Simple Slot Gaming Tips for a Much Easier Win

These days, casino gambling games were so popular all over the globe especially the slot games. Whether because slot games is one of the easiest casino game to play or because bettors were looking forward to win the jackpot of slot games. Whether whatever your reason was, this article will going to help you a lot to your slot gaming career. It is because this article is all about 5 simple slot gaming tops for a much easier win that slot gamers like you will surely like.

5 Simple Slot Gaming Tips for a Much Easier Win

The first on the list of the 5 simple slot gaming tips was you need to know the fact that nowadays, online slot games were much better than most of the slot games that a land based casino can afford to offer. That’s right, online slot games were much better to the casual slot games that you will going to find inside a land-based casino because it can offer you much better things like much better sets of paylines which can result for a much higher payouts, and the bonus features that an online slot gaming site will going to provide.

Utilize the free slots of online casinos

This kind of feature is a unique one that great online slot gaming sites provides. With this feature, the online slot games will going to give you a chance to play any casino gambling games you want totally free. Which means, you can enjoy playing any slot games without worrying about losing your money. But the main thing on this fee slot feature is that you can check any slot game that you were playing in order to make up your own game plan in order to win while playing those slot games. Also, you can use that kind of feature in order to know which slot game is much better to play using real money.

There’s no slot games strategy

The third one on the list of the tips that you need to know in slot gaming is that there’s no proven slot game strategy that will surely going to help you win much easier. In short, don’t bother to study some hectic gambling strategies because it will most-likely not going to work on slot games. Why? Simply because slot games were random number generated, that’s all. And the only strategy that you can do that will going to help you is the money management strategy.

Learn the difference between progressive and non-progressive slot

Lastly, you need to know the difference between a progressive slot and non-progressive slot. But no need to worry, because the only difference between those two were the progressive jackpot. But you need to know that some says that progressive slots were much harder to win because of its progressive jackpots.


These were the 5 simple slot gaming tips for a much easier win. In short, when apply all the things that this article says, you can guarantee a much higher winning chance in slot games.

5 Easy Steps on How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo – a dice game which is gaining a lot of popularity today. It originated in China and played using three dices, a cup or bowl and a table layout where you can find all the betting options. Sic Bo is also known in other names such as Tai Sai or Hi-Lo. If you want to learn this game, here are 5 easy steps on how to play sic bo that can get you started in this casino game.

5 Easy Steps on How to Play Sic Bo

  1. Set Your Budget. Sic Bo may look like a simple game, but do not forget that is also a form of gambling. You should always play smart and make sure to manage your bankroll properly.
  2. Add Funds on you Accounts. Live all live casino games, you cannot play the game for free and sic bo is not an exception. Therefore, before you can play your accounts must have the right budget for playing. Usually it only costs MYR 1 (0.24 USD) to play each round which is really affordable.
  3. How to Place your Bets. Before you place bets in the tablet, you will choose how much you will bet. As mentioned above it can be as low as MYR 1. The table layout will show the odds of each betting option. You must place your wagers before the dealer presses the button for “No Bet” which indicates no more wagers will be accepted and the game will start.
  4. Wait for the Round to End. Sic Bo is played using three (3) dices encased in a glass bowl. This is activated by the dealer using a button, then the enclosure will shake the dices. Note that once the dealer press the button, you will no longer be able to place your wager. Wait for the dice to land it will show the results.
  5. Collect your Winnings. If the dice come up according to the bets or wagers that you’ve picked, the dealer will hand you your payments. You will also know if you won or not because the table will highlight the result of a round. Winnings are then automatically collected and the whole process stars over again.

Where to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo?

As mentioned earlier, sic bo is a very popular game today. You can easily find it almost at all online casinos today. However, the difference is that not all sic bo are the same. Depending on the software provider, you may see some additional side bet features and the required amount to play.

Here are some of the best Sic Bo providers in the industry today:

  • Dream Gaming – Sic Bo available for PC, Android and HTML5 play. Minimum bet of MYR 1 and have 12 live tables to choose from.
  • Big Gaming – Available in PC and major mobile devices. High definition camera that you can adjust. Minimum bet of MYR1.
  • Playtech Casino – Available on all devices, with more than 20 live tables and various types of games.


With these 5 easy steps on how to play sic bo, you’re now ready to enjoy this game. Simply choose a site that has those casino software providers and you’ll surely have the best experience.

Live Casino Games Dragon Tiger – How and Strategies to Play

Live casino games are played with actual dealers and croupiers. With this feature, you will feel like playing on a brick and mortar casino. There is an impressive range of live games. One of the most popular today is Live Dragon Tiger.

Live Casino Games Dragon Tiger – How and Strategies to Play

Dragon Tiger is an Asian card game which is first introduced in Cambodia. The game is played using Standard English deck of 52 cards, usually on a Blackjack shoe. This is a fast paced game where streak bettors are always found.

Often compared to baccarat and casino war because of how it is played. And, unlike baccarat, players do not play against each other but with the casino instead. In addition to that, there are no additional cards drawn for both hands.

Live Casino Games Dragon Tiger – How and Strategies to Play
Live Casino Games Dragon Tiger – How and Strategies to Play

How to Play

Before the dealer puts the card face-up on Dragon and Tiger spot, players should have already placed their wagers on which hand they think will receive the highest ranking card.

From the highest ranked: K, Q, and J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Ace. Regardless on where you put your wagers, if both Dragon and Tiger hand receives the same value, the round will result in a Tie. All losing bets will be returned less the commission that depends on the casino software. Payout for winning a Tie is 8 to 1.

Types of Bets

One of the things that make Dragon Tiger a good game is the types of bets a player can make. It gives them the opportunity to make easy profits and bigger wins.

  • Dragon or Tiger

The basic betting option. Players simply pick which from Dragon or Tiger will win with a high ranking card. Payout is 1:1.

  • Tie Bet

A wager when you think the cards drawn will be equal in rank. If you win, the payout is 8:1, if you lose, your bet is returned less commission.

  • Suit Bet

A bet on the suit (Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club) of the hands you wagered on. Take not that this option is not usually found on all casino software. Payout is even money.

  • Odd or Even

A wager on the value of the card (Odd or Even). The payout is even money.

Dragon Tiger Strategies

Dragon Tiger is a very simple game, however, just like any other gambling games there are ways to improve your chances to win.

Without further ado, here are simple strategies which can help you out:

Place Bet on the Previous Winner: One of the most popular is this strategy. Due to the fast pace and simple betting options of the game, there is a high possibility of a winning streak for either hands.

Avoid Tie Bet: High payout of this wager is incorporated with how rarely it occurs. With that in mind, it is a no-brainer that you should avoid this wager.


Having the basic knowledge about live casino games dragon tiger – how and strategies to play gives the players a chance of winning big. Make sure to apply this on your next gaming session and you’ll surely make profits.

Live Casino Games – How to Play Baccarat

If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced and easy to play live casino game, then Baccarat is the one for you! In the baccarat game you only have to choose from three potential outcomes: Player Win, Banker Win and Tie. Take note that “Banker” doesn’t refer to the online casino or house. Without further ado, here is live casino games – how to play baccarat to help you get started.

Live Casino Games – How to Play Baccarat

Bet on either Banker or Player Hand

Player hand or Banker hand, players can bet on either hand. Wagers must be placed before the dealer hands out the cards to those hands. You can also bet if you think the total would be a “Tie”. However, if you lose your Tie bet, the casino will return your bets less commission.

How Cards are Dealt

There are two cards dealt to both Banker and Player hands. The dealer who is holding the stack of cards slides one card out and places it face up in the Player spot. The next card is given to the Banker hand, is placed faced upward on the table. The dealer then draws another card for Player and Banker.

Announcing the Total Points of Cards

All Tens and Face cards are worth zero (0) points; all other cards are worth their face value, which means Ace is worth one point. If the total of the hand exceeds 10, the second digit will be the value of that hand. For example, the Player hand has a total of 15, then that hand will have a 5 point. In order to win, your hand must reach close or equal to nine (9).

What is a “Natural” Win?

A natural win occurs when the first two cards dealt on either Player on Banker hand total points is 8 or 9. The dealer will call it a “Natural Win”. The game will end and the dealer will no longer draw additional card.

When Will a Third Card will be Drawn?

A third card will be drawn if the total point of the Player hand after drawing two cards is five or less. Otherwise, the player will stand. If the banker hand has 8 or 9 total, then there will be no further draw.

Drawing Third Card for Banker

Banker hands always stand on a total point of two card 7, 8 and 9. Banker always hits on total point of zero, 1, 2 and 3 with exception that Banker will hit with a total of 3 against Player with a total of 8.

Banker will hit depending on the Player’s total point:

  • 4 against a Player total 2 – 7
  • 5 against a Player total 4 – 7
  • 6 against a player total 6 – 7

The good thing about Baccarat is you do not have to memorize all those things as the dealer takes care for all of it. Just place your bets and enjoy.

Simple Baccarat Strategy

Because of the fast-paced nature and how the game is played, there can be a winning streak for either hands. This means a simple strategy to play here is by placing wagers on the previous winner. This is very popular strategy among online casino games like baccarat and dragon tiger.

How to Play at an Online Casino?

Online casino are a fantastic invention. Wherever you are, whenever you want, you can easily play your favorite casino games for free or for real money with a chance to win huge prizes. It can be a wonderful pastime, however if you are just starting out you might be asking: How to Play at an Online Casino?

How to Play at an Online Casino?

Playing at an online casino doesn't much have difference in terms of experience. However, you will have to know these steps below before you play online.

How to Play at an Online Casino?
How to Play at an Online Casino?

Choosing Your Online Casino

Make sure that the site you choose is a legitimate business as there are thousands over the internet that operates without a proper license and accreditation. A trusted online casino is the ones that will provide you with without a doubt fair gameplay experience and pays out your winnings in a timely manner.

So pick only the best casino online that has a good reputation and has been in the industry for more than 4 years. Be sure that they are licensed by authorized government authorities like Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

Choosing Your Bank

Trusted internet casinos supports various banking options. Before you start wagering for real money, pick the bank which suits you the best. Make sure that you choose the one that is reliable and most importantly will protect your anonymity over the internet. Some of the most common banks that are supported by online casinos are Maybank, Citibank, HSBC, Public Bank, BankRakyat, OCBC Bank and RHB to name a few. There are others too. Research about these banks and pick the method of transaction that is convenient for you.

Choose What You’re Going to Play

There are dozens of online casino games to choose from and each of them have their own set of rules and odds. Additionally, they have their own strategies. Do not let this get you down or overwhelmed. Simply pick the game that is easy to play, have good odds and where you can use a simple strategy and focus on that casino game. Whether it is Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Bull-Bull or Roulette, pick one and make it your game.

Learn It

When you start, learn everything you can get your hands about the game that you have picked. Take a look at the odds, payout table, read book or other materials over the internet, ask someone who knows the game are helpful steps to becoming good at it. The more you know about the game you chose, the better you are going to be. And the better odds of winning.

Manage Your Budget

Playing for real money is really fun and can be profitable if you win, but you must also know that you can lose money really fast. What this means is: do not gamble with money which you cannot afford to risk losing.

It is as important as choosing a site to play, you don’t want to play at unregulated website where you have a high chance of getting scammed. Thinks about it this way: you are going to watch a movie, of course you are paying willingly for a few hours for entertainment, right? The same can be applied to playing online casino games. You play for a few hours and you lost money, it’s not that bad because you are willing to risk it.

If you can maintain this attitude when playing online, you’ll find that all the money you lost are bearable and your wins will be more breathtaking.

Have Fun!

Last but not the least, do not forget you are here for entertainment. Your life doesn’t depend on the next spin of the roulette wheels. The journey is much better if you have fun along the way. With time and knowledge, you will be able to learn more and will have fun playing.